From 2010 through 2012, AIR helped restructure and facilitate meetings with Washington’s state leadership team and to develop an “essential components” document that was presented to the State Board of Education to enhance buy-in among stakeholders. In addition, AIR supported the development, administration, analysis, and synthesis of a survey across the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction that helped the office identify overlapping areas within the office related to RTI efforts. AIR conducted a number of presentations at state- and district-level conferences and participated in the State Implementation and Scaling-Up of Evidence-Based Practices community of practice with the state team. In conjunction with the state leadership team, AIR helped Washington develop and implement a train-the-trainer model with approximately 40 trainers, including staff from colleges and universities and educational service districts. Participants were trained by Center staff through three-day training modules focused on screening, progress monitoring, and the multi-level prevention system, and were then observed by state and Center staff in order to receive state approval as trainers. Once approved, trainers were encouraged to customize the trainings to fit the needs of their audiences. The state used AIR’s RTI Integrity Rubric and Worksheet in schools throughout the state, and also created an interview protocol, web-based platform, and ongoing training based on the two tools.