RTI Implementer Series Self-paced Learning Modules: Screening

This series of self-paced learning modules provides an introduction to the screening component of Response to Intervention (RTI). The series also provides an overview of how to use screening data to make informed decisions about RTI implementation and how to establish a screening process. While these learning modules can be used alone, they are part of a series of learning modules focused on RTI implementation. View the whole series here.

RTI Implementer Series Self-paced Learning Modules: Screening

What Is Screening? (18:09)

This learning module provides a more in depth look at screening and considerations for implementation in a district or school. It provides an overview of the purpose, focus, and timeframe of screening and a demonstration of the screening tools chart.

Using Screening Data for Decision Making (58:32)

This learning module focuses on the types of decisions that can be made at the district, school, grade/class, and individual level using screening data, the data review process, and how to select cut scores. It provides information, examples, and activities to learn about the types of data analysis that can be conducted to make data-based decisions with screening data at both the individual student level and the system level.

Establishing a Screening Process (12:40)

This learning module focuses on the steps for establishing a screening process in a school or district and includes an activity to walk through the process.