RTI Implementer Series Self-paced Learning Modules: Multi-level Prevention System

This series of self-paced learning modules provides an introduction to the multi-level prevention system essential component of Response to Intervention (RTI). The series also provides an overview of the relationship between a multi-level prevention system and IDEA and how to select evidence-based practices. While these learning modules can be used alone, it is a part of a series of learning modules focused on the essential components of Response to Intervention. View the whole series here.

RTI Implementer Series Self-paced Learning Modules: Multi-level Prevention System

What Is a Multi-level Prevention System? (33:13)

This learning module provides an overview of the multi-level prevention system within the Response to Intervention framework. It explains the relevant focus, instruction, settings, and assessments at each level of prevention and demonstrates how screening and progress monitoring are utilized for data-based decision making.


IDEA and the Multi-level Prevention System (10:57)

This learning module takes a closer look at how the multi-level prevention system relates to special education and how Response to Intervention differs from a pre-referral process.


Selecting Evidence-based Practices (53:46)

This learning module focuses on the steps needed to select evidence-based practices and provides guidance on how to use online resources that provide information on curricula and interventions. Participants will walk through the steps of using these online resources to select evidence-based practices for their districts and schools.