RTI Implementer Series Self-paced Learning Modules

The Center developed a series of self-paced learning modules for implementers of response to intervention (RTI) or multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS). The learning modules are intended to provide foundational knowledge about the essential components of MTSS/RTI and to build an understanding about the importance of MTSS/RTI implementation. They were adapted from the RTI Implementer Series Training Modules upon which they are based.1 Each self-paced learning module includes:

  • Learning Module
  • Learning Module Transcript
  • PowerPoint Presentations 
  • Handouts
  • Training Manual (when available)

How to View the Self-paced Learning Modules:

If you are new to MTSS/RTI, we recommend that you view the modules in row order in the table below. Start with the first row, Defining the Essential Components so that you learn the basics of the essential components of MTSS/RTI before moving on to more advanced topics. Each column header represents an essential component of MTSS/RTI. If you are more advanced in your knowledge of MTSS/RTI, you may view the learning modules in either column or row order. 

Click on the link in the table below to learn more about each learning module. The approximate length (in minutes) of each is included; however, the actual time to complete the module will vary depending on how quickly viewers complete the handouts and other companion materials that accompany each module.




Progress Monitoring

Multi-level Prevention System

Defining the Essential Components

What Is RTI? (34:25)

What Is Screening? (18:09)

What Is Progress Monitoring? (37:37)

What Is a Multi-level Prevention System? (33:13)

Assessment and Data-based Decision Making

Understanding Types of Assessment within an RTI Framework (24:37)

Using Screening Data for Decision Making (58:32)

Using Progress Monitoring Data for Decision Making (52:05)

IDEA and the Multi-level Prevention System (10:57)

Establishing Processes

Implementing RTI (35:58)

Establishing a Screening Process (12:40)


Selecting Evidence-based Practices (53:46)

1 Note: If you are interested in presenting this content, view the RTI Implementer Series Training Modules.