Using Fidelity to Enhance Program Implementation Within an RTI Framework

This training module was developed for teams implementing a response to intervention (RTI) framework. This module shares information, resources, and activities to enhance participant’s knowledge of fidelity and why it is important to consider within an RTI framework. The module describes (1) considerations for evaluating fidelity across the essential components of RTI, (2) discusses options for measuring fidelity, (3) provides examples of measurement tools, and (4) suggestions to improve fidelity through coaching, supportive school culture, and identification of barriers.

This module should be delivered by a trained, knowledgeable professional. This training module is designed to be a component of comprehensive professional development that includes supplemental coaching and ongoing support.  The Training Facilitator's Guide, which is a companion to all the training modules, is designed to assist facilitators in delivering the training modules developed by the Center.