Progress Monitoring Briefs

This series of briefs on progress monitoring comprises four separate documents. The purpose of these progress monitoring briefs is to provide practitioners with guidance to support careful planning and thoughtful practices as part of comprehensive progress monitoring within the Response to Intervention (RTI) framework. The briefs are useful to schools just beginning the RTI process as well as those that have the RTI framework well established but need a quick check to evaluate their processes.

Brief #1: Common Progress Monitoring Omissions: Planning and Practice (PDF): Brief #1 addresses common omissions in planning and practice, and includes suggestions for (a) choosing appropriate progress monitoring tools, (b) setting schedules for collecting progress monitoring data and ongoing meetings, and (c) establishing guidelines for decision making and fidelity practices.

Brief #2: Common Progress Monitoring Graph Omissions: Missing Goal and Goal Line (PDF): Briefs # 2 and #3 focus on omission of the goal, the goal line, the trend line, and instructional changes when constructing and using progress monitoring graphs.  

Brief #3: Common Progress Monitoring Graph Omissions: Making Instructional Decisions (PDF): Brief #3 also addresses two forms of instructional decisions and offers suggestions for establishing decision rules for progress evaluation.  

Brief #4: Common Progress Monitoring Omissions: Reporting Information to Parents (PDF): Brief #4 provides information on reporting progress monitoring data to parents.

To learn more about these topics, also see the RTI Implementer Series Training Modules and Self-Paced Learning Modules.