New Hampshire

Between 2011 and 2013, AIR supported RTI implementation in New Hampshire through a range of activities focused on aligning RTI with other initiatives in the state and developing pilot sites. In early work with New Hampshire, AIR developed, administered, and analyzed the results of a statewide survey of schools, and conducted training on the essential components of RTI with state leadership develop a common understanding of RTI at the executive level. AIR worked intensively to establish a leadership team, facilitate meetings, and underline the importance of RTI within the state by showing how RTI aligns with other state efforts. New Hampshire, with the support of AIR, is developing a state RTI implementation plan. AIR has also worked closely with the state to select, train, and support six pilot sites as they plan for and implement RTI. Center trainers have provided training on screening, using progress monitoring to make decisions, and more. AIR has also trained the pilot sites in how to use the RTI reporting system.