With support from AIR from 2010 through 2012, the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) established grant sites across the state, conducted trainings with district-level RTI teams, developed and trained a cadre of RTI coaches, revised its RTI guidance document, developed tool kits and other resources, established a community of practice for secondary RTI, and provided continuous support to the state RTI coordinator and leadership team (both through on-site work and Web-based meetings). AIR worked with Idaho to build the capacity of a group of trainers to deliver a training module series; AIR and the state modeled presentations, worked with trainers to develop their knowledge, co-trained with the trainers, observed and debriefed the trainers, and reviewed evaluations of the training after it was delivered. AIR also helped build state capacity by assisting with the drafting of job requirements for RTI coaches and supporting and training coaches hired to support school-level RTI implementation. In addition, AIR helped to support the selection, training, and evaluation of grant sites using the integrity rubric. AIR staff worked with the state team to illustrate the link between school improvement indicators (the WISE Tool) and indicators of RTI implementation (the RTI Integrity Rubric). AIR also provided presentations on a variety of topics related to RTI and helped to plan and organize conferences and trainings, including pilot site and coach trainings, an RTI state conference, and presentations at the state Title I conference.