From October 2015-2020, AIR will provide support for The Arkansas RTI State Professional Development Grant. This grant, is a five-year professional development project on RTI funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). The goals of the project are to (1) increase the capacity of districts to support RTI implementation with fidelity; (2) improve educators’ ability to implement evidence-based literacy and behavior support practices; and (3) improve literacy and behavior outcomes for all students through capacity building activities. This project follows the four phases of implementation and provides intense, on-site support to Little Rock School District. Training and technical assistance are provided to both district and school leaders in order to develop a coherent and collaborative framework that meets the districts’ needs. The project builds on online professional development modules developed by AIR for the state in the essential components of RTI in grades K -12 during January 2015-December 2015.  The project incorporates a trainer of trainers model where AIR staff will deliver on-site training to state and district leaders. Those leaders will then be equipped to train other staff in the state around RTI implementation. The technical assistance is provided through a tiered approach where Little Rock School District receives intensive level on site supports, other districts are able to receive targeted support and all state education staff receive universal support through virtual means.